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Artist’s impression only, subject to change.


Pricing and availability are correct as at the date of publication and are subject to change without notice. Purchasers should contact a Walker Corporation sales consultant to confirm pricing, allotment size and availability of land. Purchasers should make their own enquiries and satisfy themselves as to whether the information and pricing provided is current and correct.

Prices do not include stamp duty, registration fees and any other fees or charges relating to the purchase of land. Purchasers will be liable to pay these fees and charges separately. Prices are subject to adjustments under the land contract, including (but not limited to) rates and land tax.

Walker is only responsible for the sale of land. Purchasers are responsible for sourcing and engaging their own builder and ensuring that the house to be constructed on their allotment complies with all applicable building covenants and legislative requirements. Purchasers are responsible for satisfying themselves as to the compatibility of the house with all applicable easements, restrictions, covenants (including building covenants) and legislative requirements, including obtaining all required council and authority approvals.

Walker Corporation recommends that purchasers seek professional (such as legal and financial) advice before signing any contract.

Images and descriptions used in marketing are intended as a visual aid only and may show items or inclusions which do not form part of the allotment. Purchasers must make their own enquiries about the land.

Whilst we have taken care to ensure the accuracy of the information provided at the time of publication, Walker does not give any warranty and does not make any representation about the accuracy or sufficiency of any illustration or statement and does not accept any liability for any loss which may be suffered by any person who relies upon the information presented.

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