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Construction Update

Choose your stage number below to track the construction and title progress of your lot.

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Step Descriptions


Clear the existing area. Cut and fill the stage to the designed levels.

Soil Testing

In order to complete the design of a house, the builder’s engineer will need to visit the lot and drill into the ground to take soil samples. Once the ground has been tested the engineer will be able to design the floor slab, specific to that lot. The lot can be accessed for soil testing towards the end of civil works. Survey pegs need to be present in order for the engineer to identify the lot.

Sewer & Drainage

Installation of underground services to connect your allotment to the wider infrastructure.

Roads & Footpath

Creation of road infrastructure and footpath connecting your allotment to the community.


Financiers/Banks will require a physical valuation of the lot in order to provide finance. A third-party valuer will be assigned by the bank to visit the site and provide a valuation of the land. In order to facilitate this, the lot requires survey pegs in place with the lot number listed. This is typically available in the final weeks leading up to civil works completion.

Site Survey

In order for the builder to finalise their design, the lot will need to be surveyed. A surveyor can only complete the site survey once roads, kerbs, and footpaths are installed, along with the finished grading of the lot. This is typically only available once civil works are fully complete.

Site Pegging

Boundary pegs are placed on the perimeter or corners of your property’s land boundaries to physically mark out the land’s boundary.

Service Connections

Further underground services are installed including water, gas, electricity and communications (nbn).