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Suburb Name Change Proposal

Suburb Name Change Proposal

Walker Corporation has recently commenced the construction of the first stages of the master planned community at Buckland Park, referred to as Riverlea. The new urban area will comprise a community of approximately 33,000 residents in up to 12,000 new homes and supported by an abundance of amenity. Walker Corporation is proposing to rename this newly evolving urban area as a new suburb called ‘Riverlea Park’. The name ‘Riverlea Park’ reflects the physical and topographical attributes of the locality but pays tribute to the original name ‘Buckland Park’ which will be retained for the larger rural component.

Walker Corporation believes new residents in the Riverlea residential estate will want their home to be identified as being within a unique ‘place’, distinguished by a new and permanent urban identity and differentiated from the historical rural / agricultural character of the balance of Buckland Park. If approved by the Minister for Planning and Local Government, a new suburb name of ‘Riverlea Park’ will emerge for this new master planned community that will incorporate a broad range of facilities and community services for the region.

The proposed new suburb boundary and name change to ‘Riverlea Park’ has been prepared by the Walker Corporation and in accordance with a City of Playford resolution at its Ordinary Council meeting on 28 September 2021, Walker Corporation is now engaging with the local community and purchasers of new allotments within the development to provide the opportunity for feedback.

Please note that the Surveyor General will also be undertaking formal notification for a minimum period of one month during October and November 2021. Submissions and feedback on this proposal should be directed to:

Office of the Surveyor-General
Geographical Names Unit
GPO Box 1354
Adelaide SA 5001

View Riverlea Park Name Change Brochure